Local Foods, CFLS, Stupid Starbucks, and COLD ROOMS

November 8, 2007 at 4:08 am 2 comments

I’ve been doing a LOT of exploring in the city, and I thought I would share that many health food, organic, and Amish stores in all the boroughs sell locally grown produce and meats (meats have been tough for me because it’s kind of tough to find truly “local” organic meats, but I’ve had a lot of luck finding NY state organic meats). So far the best neighborhood for local foods has been TriBeCa, where I got Jersey corn for very cheap, a heck of a lot of apples from local farms, and organic chicken from NY at the Amish Market and other organic stores (my total? $3.89 – it’s true!).

The heat has been off for two weeks now, so it’s blanket heaven in my room, and awfully cozy.

I do have a question for anyone out there who may be better schooled in CFLs than I am – I was using CFLs in my room (fairly high quality ones), but the light is so blue and dim compared to a halogen I normally use that it was making me feel depressed. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution?

One more little problem I’ve noticed regarding personal mugs: At Starbucks, if you give them your mug with the lid, they put the lid in an unused cup so it doesn’t sit on the counter, and then they just chuck the cup! So make sure you hand them the mug without the lid on or else specify NOT to do that.


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  • 1. Greenpa  |  November 9, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    About the CFL’s- there are several things. a) they can look very dim when first turned on- and give you a dark impression that kind of sticks with you, even after they’ve warmed up and are MUCH much brighter. You need to be mindful! b) some of them ARE very “cold”; I won’t use those, because they can have other bad side-effects; http://littlebloginthebigwoods.blogspot.com/2007/04/more-clotheslines-poverty-and-compact.html

    look for those with a “color temperature” around 2000, not 5000; and c) give yourself a little time to adapt! Stay aware of the absolute power usage- it can feel very satisfying to “make do” with a mere 24 watts of CFL, instead of a 100 watts of halogen- and the warmer color can get to feel cozy.

  • 2. Flick  |  November 10, 2007 at 3:50 am

    The compact flourescent bulbs come in various shades besides coming in various brightness levels (and corresponding wattages). I like the yellower ones if they are not extremely yellow. Usually these are the cheapest ones. In big hardware stores where there is a large selection there are often “white” color bulbs (usually available in a limited range of wattages and there is also a full spectrum bulb which is a very blue white. Unless you need it as a grow light for plants I wouldn’t recommend it. My wife likes the white ones and in some places we use the white and the yellowish. You probably already know but there is a small amount of mercury used in each CFL bulb so don’t throw them in the regular trash when they finally burn out. There should be some place that will recycle them near you (or will be soon as so many people are buying them now). It will only get more complicated as l.e.d. lights come in to common use as their price drops. They use much less wattage than CFLs and last considerably longer. Unfortunately besides being expensive they are much better at giving a spotlight effect than lighting a wider space at present. Hopefully that will change. So I hope you find a nondepressing light source. Good luck and glad to hear you all are doing this project!

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